Congratulations to our 2017 Awards Finalists!

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Announcement Video




MWSA announced our 2017 Awards Finalists via YouTube live streaming on Saturday, 12 August.  

We apologize for the technical glitches we experienced during MWSA's first live streaming presentation.  

We've now uploaded a slightly edited version of that presentation.  You can view it in the window below, or by clicking on the image to the right (to go to the YouTube site).

In the edited version, we've increased MWSA President, Dwight Zimmerman's audio volume and added subtitles so you can tell what he's saying.

Announcement Press Release

Please feel free to use either of the links below for book marketing purposes.

More Details

Being designated as a "Finalist" indicates that a book and its author have been awarded a Gold, Silver or Bronze Medal by the combined scores of our MWSA reviewers.

On Saturday, September 9th, we will announce who has won specific medals at our Awards Banquet in San Antonio.  Click here for more information on our conference.

More Information for Finalists

First of all, congratulations!

As everyone knows by now, during our Awards Banquet in San Antonio, all Finalists (as well as the public) will learn exactly what medal they've won.  During the evening's festivities, all winners will be presented with their medal, stickers for their books, and an award certificate.  

Although we plan on having a photographer record the event, we also recommend that you bring your camera to make sure you can document your medal receipt for your book marketing and publicity purposes.

If you can't join us in San Antonio, and would like to get your medals, stickers and certificate, please visit our online store and purchase the "Postage for Medals and Stickers" option so that we can mail your award material.  Please do this before the end of the year, as all "unclaimed" medals and stickers will be returned to the "pot" for future award winners.