Bad Apple; by Barry Ozeroff

MWSA Review
In Bad Apple, Barry Ozeroff presents an unusual point of view twist, telling a crime thriller story from the point of view of the criminal, not the law enforcement officer. This change in perspective opens a whole different world of assessment and interpretation to challenge and entice the reader. Ozeroff does an excellent job in the opening scene with a robbery gone murderously wrong that escalates into a chase that is the driving plot element of the story. The author gets high marks for his ability to set scenes and describe neighborhoods to a point where the reader feels a part of the locale. Conflicts and drama are well executed and there are plenty of twists and turns in the plot to keep the reader guessing. Mystery/thriller fans will find much to enjoy in Bad Apple.
Review by Dwight Zimmerman, MWSA President and Reviewer

Author's Synopsis:
Most cops are honest, hardworking people. But like they say, there’s one bad apple in every bunch. Meet DJ Appleby, one of Portland’s finest. He's a Medal of Valor winner, an ex-SWAT team member, and the lead hostage negotiator. But what a difference a day can make. DJ goes from patrolling the streets one day to being ruthlessly hunted down by his peers the next.

When his own SWAT team finally surrounds him and his fellow negotiators call to talk him out, DJ pulls the disappearing act of a lifetime. But he can't hide forever, and when the clock finally runs out, he's forced to survive in the worst place a cop can be. But DJ's a resourceful guy, and he rises to the occasion—all the way to the very top of the food chain. There, looking his demons squarely in the eye, he doles out some justice of his own, Bad Apple style. In doing so, DJ inadvertently sets up a chain reaction that will change his life forever. 

Bad Apple—From good cop, to bad apple, to badass; one man’s heart-stopping journey to hell and back.

Book Format(s): Kindle
Genre(s): Fiction, Mystery/Thriller
Review Genre: Fiction—Mystery/Thriller
Number of Pages: 254