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This member resource directory is provided as a service to our members.  On this page, you'll find helpful/useful resources provided by other MWSA members. 

  • For the moment, listings are restricted to MWSA members in good standing

  • MWSA is not endorsing any of the companies or services below

  • If you're offering to write book reviews for a fellow MWSA member author, please use our review swap program (see link to left)

Services for Writers
Editing, Illustration, Publishing, Marketing, Other Writers' Services

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Websites, Blogs & Social Media


Services for Veterans
Including PTSD Services

Government Organizations, Private Organizations, Groups, Individuals

Other Services offered by MWSA members
Must have some tie-in to MWSA mission

In the future, we may allow non-MWSA members to advertise their services on a fee basis.  (i.e. $50-$100 one-time fee). 

Please stay tuned for details.


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