Special Recognition Awards

Each year, MWSA presents special recognition awards to especially noteworthy authors and their works.  The list of awards varies each year, but is generally made up of the following:

L-R Jack London, 2011 AOY Carolyn Schriber, 2015 AOY Dwight Zimmerman, MWSA President

Jack London, 2011 AOY
Carolyn Schriber, 2015 AOY
Dwight Zimmerman, MWSA President

  • Founder's Award
    • Award recipient determined by MWSA Founder, Bill McDonald
    • Represents the highest achievement in literature among each year's submissions
  • President's Award
    • Award criteria and recipient at the discretion of the MWSA President
  • Author of the Year Award
    • This award's criteria and procedures are being updated--details to follow soon.

MWSA Medals


Gold, Silver and Bronze Medal Awards

Medals are awarded each year based on the combined average, numerical scores of the three reviewers assigned to each book.

MWSA announces these results in two steps:

  • Awards Finalists -- After our submission window closes and all books are scored, MWSA announces each year's Finalists
    • Being designated as a "Finalist" means that the submitted book scored high enough for a Founder's, Gold, Silver, or Bronze medal
    • Announcement of Finalists (names and books) should occur about 4-6 weeks after the close of each season
  • Medal Award Announcement -- Actual medals won are normally announced during MWSA's annual general membership conference.

Other Award Details & Benefits
Awards Packets, Promotional Events & Materials

Awards Packets

2017 Awards Banquet

Contents of basic awards package:

  • 1 medal
  • 100 book stickers
  • Award Certificate

Presented without cost to all award recipients attending our awards banquet.  Award winners who can't attend our banquet need only pay postage costs to have their packages sent to them.

Extra award packet material (primarily for mulitple-author books) can be purchased in our online store

Marketing & Promotional Materials

  • Press Releases
    • Announcement of Finalists
    • Announcement of Awards
  • Video Annoucements
    • for both events above
    • via social media (Facebook, YouTube)