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+ What can I do on my profile page above? ▼

  • Update your profile (click Edit Profile button)
    • Address, email, phone number, military affiliation, add an "Avatar" (your photo image), etc.
  • See and/or change your:
    • Privacy settings
    • Email subscriptions
    • Photo Albums
    • Event registrations
    • Invoices and payments
  • Pay/Renew your dues
  • Change your membership level or length of membership term
  • Copy or print out a membership card
  • Change your password (scroll to bottom of screen)

+ How do I renew my dues? ▼

  • Sign in by entering your email and password
  • You'll find the amount of dues owed and make your payment once you log in

+ What if I forgot my username/email and/or password? ▼

  • Click here to reset your password (link will open on our membership website).
  • You can use the contact form on this page to let our membership personnel help fix whatever isn't working!

+ How do I register (and/or pay) for events? ▼

  • You'll find your existing event registrations on your profile page.
  • If you want to register for a new event, visit our website's Events section, where you can select the event you'd like to attend.
    • Once there, you'll be able to register and pay securely online

+ How do I participate in members-only forums and blogs? ▼

  • Click on "Resources" in the blue navigation bar at the very top of this page
    • You'll find links to the area/blog of interest

+ How can I share my membership status on my website? ▼

  • Just copy and paste one of the membership emblems below onto your own website

+ I just joined MWSA, what are the my member benefits? What should I do now? ▼


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