I've been notified that I'm an Awards Finalist... Now What?


First of all, Congratulations!

As soon as you hear, watch, or read that announcement, you’ll have to prepare to be an “award-winning author!”

Whether this is your first award as a writer, or your… well, even if you’ve won more awards than you can count, there’s still work to do.

First and foremost… Spread the Word!

  • MWSA normally makes the initial announcement of the awards finalists via a live video broadcast.

    • Look for the details on our website—the Season Page or the News Section.

    • Now that we have our own dedicated Facebook page, that’s where we’ll be making the announcement for the foreseeable future.

    • Once you know where to watch for the announcement, let your family and friends know so they can also watch live.

  • Within a few days, the awards finalists’ names and books will be posted to our website and announced via press release.

    • Links to both of the above can be put on your own website, or in your own social media announcements.

      • You should be proud, and share your pride with others.

Start making your travel plans

  • Once you know you’ll be winning some kind of award from MWSA, you’ll also have an excellent reason to join us during our general membership conference and especially our awards banquet (which always caps off the event).

    • Having a photo of that MWSA medal being hung around your neck is a tremendous marketing tool… don’t miss out!


  • Every MWSA author should ask for reviewer comments!

    • Even gold-medal-winning books may have an error or two that you (or even your editor) may have missed.

    • Some of the comments and suggestions might also be beneficial—even if only for your next effort.

  • Just ask the Awards Directors, and we’d be happy to share them with you.