I just joined MWSA... Now What?

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First of all, thanks for joining us!

Use this page to get started exploring your member benefits.

Our Website

  • Explore this website and get to know what services and member benefits are available.

    • Check out our “Resources” tab to see the latest member programs available.

      • Beta Readers. If you have a book nearing publication, use this page to find MWSA members interested in beta reading for you.

      • Author Interviews. See who's already done interviews and then submit your own author interview to get things started and introduce yourself.

      • Book Review Swap. Visit our Review Swap page to get/give book reviews (log in required).

      • Member Resource Directory. Learn what services are being offered by your fellow MWSA members. Offer your own services if possible.

      • Tips & Tricks. Not published on a fixed schedule, our Tips and Tricks page provides you with useful information on a wide variety of writing-related topics. Got a story to share… a lesson you’ve leaned along the way? Let us know and we’ll add your own tip or trick. (Newsletter available).

      • Newsletters. Sign up for one of our periodic email newsletters. Get monthly (quarterly for our Dispatches magazine) emails including all new items.

    • Keep up-to-date with our “News & Events” tab.

      • News. News updates sent out periodically as needed. (Newsletter available).

      • Events. See what’s coming up on our MWSA schedule: Review and Awards schedule, Conferences, training sessions, etc.

      • Dispatches Magazine. Read the current or past issues of our quarterly magazine.

Social Media

One of the first things to consider doing is to get to know your fellow MWSA members. Try visiting our Public Page on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, Tumblr, Instagram. See what’s available on our Social Media Page.

Volunteer to help out

MWSA is dependent upon the volunteer spirit—authors helping authors. If you have a skill (or even if you’re not particularly skilled and just want to help out)—please visit our “Contact Us” page and fill out our volunteer form.