* MWSA's Review & Award Season runs from January 15th to June 15th each year.
* Award winners are normally announced in the fourth quarter of each year
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Current Season


Most books in our library have MWSA reviews. A small number of books have been submitted by member authors for inclusion in our online library, but have not been reviewed by us.

For more details please visit our Reviews & Awards page.

Past Seasons

We're slowly adding our books and reviews from prior awards seasons onto this website.

Our online library currently includes all award-winning books, book details, and MWSA reviews going back to 2004.

Non award-winning books, details and reviews on appear for the 2016 season through the current season.

Eventually, we hope to add every book submitted for review for all seasons.

Please bear with us, as this process will take some time.

Prior Seasons

* Several books originally submitted for the 2015 season were combined into the following year

Earlier versions of MWSA websites

MWSA continues to transfer information (books, reviews and other content) from older versions of our website.  We're keeping these websites "live" to preserve data and so that our members and the public can find books from years past.