Let Go The Movement Process, by Sean Wyman

MWSA Review
Let Go the Movement Process, by author Sean Wyman is a short but heartfelt memoir and self-help book.  

Wyman's earnest recounting of his childhood is definitely gut-wrenching.  The author chronicles his parents' split-up; various short stays in a series of foster homes; his attempts to cope with an abusive, drug-dealing stepfather; and having to defend himself from repeated violent episodes in school.  He also provides details about how he continued to face adversity and challenges as he grew up and entered the work force.  

To overcome many obstacles in his life, the author relied on his faith and a motivational series of steps, which he codified into an acronym involving the letters of the word "movement."  Having successfully navigated his own life's challenges, the author offers to share his system, so that others can "Let Go the Movement Process."

This book might appeal to those looking for help overcoming adversity or learning how they might discover a path towards a purpose-filled life.  However, the reader should be warned that the version of the book submitted for review requires a significant amount of editing.
By John Cathcart, MWSA Awards Director and Reviewer

Author's Synopsis:
So many people today refuse to let go of their past and it keeps them from having the life they deserve. They hold onto the self-doubt, fear, and insecurity that holds them hostage from having a purpose driven life. In this book, I share my story of being held hostage by my past, finally realizing it, and a finding a movement process through divine intervention to let it go. Now I have been called to help you discover this process so you can let go of your past and move forward with your life. It took me over 40 years to discover what you will learn in a much shorter period of time in this book. So as you get started, allow me to be the first to say "Welcome to the Movement"

ISBN/ASIN: 978-1539414360
Book Format(s): Soft cover, Kindle
Genre(s): Nonfiction, Memoir, Biography, Religious/Spiritual
Number of Pages: 102