The Stan: Father, Son, findin' bombs; by Dan Talley

MWSA Review:
The Stan by Dan Talley is a soul-searing memoir. Though the bulk of the narrative and story is by and about Dan, it includes significant contributions from his wife Karen and son Josh. Theirs is a story told straightforward, without dramatic embellishment. This approach is the book's greatest strength. They tell both what's going on in their minds as well as what is happening around them. In so doing, they give chapter and verse detail of the trauma of combat, its aftermath, and the real cost of it to those in uniform and loved ones at home. Those who have experienced what the Talleys have will understand. Those who have not will find in The Stan a powerful work to help bridge that gulf.

Review by Dwight Zimmerman, MWSA President & Reviewer

Author's Synopsis:
“The Stan” shares private thoughts, therapy sessions, journal entries, and memories of our family of four as father and son deploy to combat. A rare opportunity to experience deployment as we say goodbye, sacrifice for others, struggle inwardly, attempt to heal, and move on with life from differing, even opposing, perspectives. Observe unspoken emotions, hopes, and dreams common to military families.

ISBN/ASIN: 978-1532966095
Book Format(s): Soft cover, Kindle
Genre(s): Creative Nonfiction, Memoir
Review Genre: Collections—Creative Nonfiction
Number of Pages: 244