My Soldier Dad; by Ross H. Mackenzie

MWSA Review
Outstanding tribute to our military family in a beautifully illustrated children’s book.
Military families will enjoy sitting down together to read this short book.  You'll look at the beautiful illustrations and learn some of the what and why of military life.  Children will also enjoy searching for small images hidden within most of these beautifully rendered illustrations.
Written in simple, rhythmic verses, this book will appeal to today's military family.  This handsome hardback belongs on your family's coffee table… but only when you and your children aren't holding it as you read it together!
Review by John Cathcart, MWSA Awards Director

Author's Synopsis:
My Soldier Dad is the much-anticipated second book in the Patriot Kids series. My Sailor Dad, the first book in the Patriot Kids Series, won a GOLD MEDAL in 2010 for best Children's Book from MWSA. All of the Patriot Kids books exist to bolster national pride in our service members, be an invaluable resource for service member families, and be engaging, educational books for military kids who are so proud of their parents and yearn to know more about their parent's respective military profession. My Soldier Dad is written in a slightly modified (but impeccably consistent) anapestic tetrameter. The story offers two exciting stories-within-stories, some fantastic artistic techniques that help kids feel that they are actually part of the story, and a celebration of Dad's humanitarian efforts in addition to his military prowess. Finally, this My Soldier Dad offers some clever “Easter Eggs”: at the bottom of each page of text, the reader will find an image (the red thumbtack on the first page). Can you (or your child) find the same image hidden in the drawing on that page? (Hint: there is no dog in the newspaper page.) More information can be found at

ISBN/ASIN: 978-0-9893420-2-5
Book Format(s): Hard cover
Genre(s): Picture Book
Review Genre: Children & Young Adult—Picture Book
Number of Pages: 40