65 Below, by Basil Sands

MWSA Review
Basil Sands delivers another thriller with 65 Below.
Retired Marine Marcus Johnson has returned to his Alaskan home after years of hunting bad guys.  He is ready to trap, fish, and maybe rekindle his love with sexy but dangerous Alaska State Trooper Lonnie Wyatt, who moved on from him when he was reported missing in action many years ago.  However, when some North Korean special forces troops are discovered stealing a dangerous biological agent, Johnson has to return to action along with some of his special forces buddies to make sure the threat is stopped…COLD.
Solid action, rough and tumble military characters, and a unique story all combine to make this a worthwhile read.  I first found the overlapping timelines a bit distracting, but once I figured them out, they really enhanced the story.  Sands has a solid understanding of special forces and the military in general, and is second to none regarding his knowledge of Alaska.  All of the above roll together to make this an enjoyable, exciting read.
Techno-thriller fans who like Jeff Edwards, Tom Clancy and Dale Brown will love this.
Reviewed by Rob Ballister, MWSA Awards Director and Reviewer

Author's Synopsis:
A nearly forgotten bunker in the frozen wastes of Alaska is hiding a weapon that could end the world. 

Retired Marine Master Sergeant Marcus “Mojo” Johnson – returned to his family homestead in rural Alaska after twenty years of chasing bad men – enlists an elite team of combat veterans and personal friends to intercept the enemy before it releases a decades-old secret that can’t be destroy and was never meant to be found. And it all plays out in the brutal, beautiful Alaskan wilderness, in sub-zero temperatures where human flesh freezes in mere minutes.

The chase is on, and only Mojo and his allies can stop the apocalypse before it begins.

Book Format(s): Audiobook, Kindle
Genre(s): Fiction, Mystery/Thriller
Number of Pages: 307