2010 Season

Special Recognition Awards

MWSA President’s Award

  • Charlayne Henry by Pittsburgh, PA

MWSA Founder’s Award

  • Uncommon Valor by Dwight Zimmerman

Medal Winners


Historical Fiction

  • HONORABLE MENTION -- Grey Wolf by David Huffman
  • BRONZE -- For the Fatherland by Walter Zapotoczny, Jr
  • BRONZE -- Sisters of Valor by Rosalie Turner
  • SILVER -- The Great Hour Struck by Gary Varner
  • GOLD -- Days of Smoke by Mark Ozeroff

Literary Fiction

  • HONORABLE MENTION -- Digger Dogface Brownjob Grunt
  • BRONZE -- The Letter by Jerry Yellin
  • SILVER -- Crack Between the Worlds by Carmen Stenholm
  • GOLD -- Internal Conflicts by Flint Whitlock


  • BRONZE -- Dangerous Past by A. F. Ebbers
  • SILVER -- Muted Mermaid/Shaved Ice/Chocolate Soup Trilogy by Del Staecker
  • SILVER -- Child Finder: Resurrection by Mike Angley
  • GOLD -- Saigon Gold by Hugh Scott
  • GOLD -- Breath of the Choson Dragon by Jack L. Wells


  • HONORABLE MENTION -- Echo of a Distant Planet by Wayne Lutz
  • SILVER -- Rhombus by Bob Gore


Creative Non-fiction

  • HONORABLE MENTION -- America’s Finest by Stephen Peterson


  • GOLD -- Surviving the Folded Flag by Deborah Tainsh


  • HONORABLE MENTION -- A Life Well-Built by Lee Kelley
  • SILVER -- This is Latch: The Story of Admiral Roy L. Hoffmann by Weymouth D. Symmes
  • SILVER -- An American Family in World War II by Sandra O’Connell
  • GOLD -- An American Knight by Norman Fulkerson


  • SILVER -- Riding a Donkey Backwards Through Afghanistan by Mick Simonelli
  • SILVER -- Truman and MacArthur by Don Farinacci
  • GOLD -- Fortress Rabaul by Bruce Gamble
  • GOLD -- New Dawn: The Battles for Fallujah by Richard Lowry


  • HONORABLE MENTION -- Nam Sense by Arthur Wiknik
  • SILVER -- Roadside Bombs by William Little
  • SILVER -- Missions of Fire and Mercy by William Peterson
  • GOLD -- My Last War by Charles Grist

How To

  • SILVER -- The Burntwaters Cook’s Kitchen Guide by David Michaelson

  • GOLD -- A Retailer's Guide to Frugal In-Store Promotion by Carolyn Howard-Johnson


  • HONORABLE MENTION -- MST: Military Sexual Trauma by Miette Wells
  • HONORABLE MENTION -- 25 FREE References EVERY Texas Veteran Needs to Know by Marylyn Harris
  • BRONZE--The Politics & Security of the Gulf by Jeffrey Macris
  • GOLD--The Military Father by Armin Brott


  • HONORABLE MENTION -- A Quiet Reality by Emilio Marrero

  • BRONZE --- Faith Deployed by Jocelyn Green

  • SILVER -- Tear in the Desert by Father Ron Camarda
  • GOLD -- Battlefields and Blessings by Jocelyn Green


Air Force

  • SILVER -- If You Fly Don’t Crash by Charles Bailey
  • SILVER -- Of War and Weddings by Jerry Yellin

Coast Guard

  • GOLD -- So That Others May Live by Martha LaGuardia- Kotite


  • BRONZE -- They Were Ready: The 164th Infantry by Terry Shoptaugh
  • SILVER -- A Hill Called White Horse by Anthony Sobieski
  • GOLD -- Porcelain on Steel by Donna McAleer
  • GOLD -- The Texas Gun Club by Mark Bowlin


  • HONORABLE MENTION -- And My Mother Danced with Chesty Puller by Bruce Hoffman
  • SILVER -- The Road to Iwo Jima by Tom McGraham
  • GOLD -- Immediate Response by Clare MacNaughton and Mark Hammond 


  • HONORABLE MENTION -- War on the Rivers by Weymouth D. Symmes
  • BRONZE -- Paper Dragon, Wooden Ship by Jack L. Wells
  • SILVER -- How Can You Mend This Purple Heart by Terry Gould
  • GOLD -- Shore Duty by Stewart Harris



  • GOLD -- The Vietnam War: A Graphic History by Dwight J. Zimmerman


  • HONORABLE MENTION -- AMARG: America's Military Aircraft Boneyard by Nicholas Veronico and Ron Strong
  • BRONZE --- Fields of War by Robert Mueller
  • SILVER -- Cold War Peacemaker by Don Pyeatt and Dennis R. Jenkins
  • GOLD -- Lockheed Blackbird Family by Tony Landis

Poetry – Single Poem

  • GOLD -- POW/MIA by Mike Mullins

Poetry – Book of Poetry

  • HONORABLE MENTION -- She Wore Emerald Then by Carolyn Howard-Johnson & Magdelena Ball

  • GOLD -- Twisted Tongues by jim greenwald and Ruth Gerhardt


Children Under 12

  • BRONZE -- Momma’s Boots by Sandra Linhart

  • SILVER -- The ABC’s of OCD by Kathleen Dunn

  • SILVER -- Daddy’s Boots by Sandra Linhart
  • GOLD -- My Sailor Dad by Ross Mackenzie

Young Adult

  • HONORABLE MENTION -- My Story: Blogs by Four Military Teens by Michelle Sherman and Anne Sherman

  • BRONZE -- Tecumseh: Shooting Star of the Shawnee by Dwight J. Zimmerman

  • SILVER -- Firefight on Brown Water by Lynn Salsi
  • GOLD -- Finding My Way: A Teenager's Guide to Living with a Parent Who Has Experienced Trauma by Michelle Sherman and DeAnne Sherman

Audio Books

  • SILVER -- Kings of the Green Jelly Moon by Mike Mullins, James Jellerson, Lloyd King, and jim greenwald
  • SILVER -- Lucky Enough by Eddie Beesley
  • GOLD -- Vietnam in Verse by Mike Mullins

Musical CD

  • SILVER -- Sailing Away by James Jellerson
  • GOLD -- Way Back Home by Jeff Senour & CTS

Book Summaries & Reviews
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