Of War and Weddings by Jerry Yellin

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MWSA Review

"And so the enemy became my friend, I felt his warmth across the ocean and he felt mine."  

A quote taken from the book, which sums up Mr. Yellin's story for me. I enjoyed the story with its vivid descriptions of Mr. Yellin's experiences in the war, the wedding of his son, the beauty of Japan and its people, a beauty that the writer discovered many years later. The reader will appreciate the journey Mr.Yellin takes in his life, to finally allow himself to heal from the war and release from his heart the hatred he felt for the Japanese people, he was then able to let go of his hatred and live a life of forgiveness and peace. It took many years of travel to Japan and the joining of two families from very different cultures to appreciate the people and true beauty of Japan. I personally appreciate a book where I can picture myself in the story; this book achieved that for me and will for other readers. If you have an interest in Japan, WW II fighter pilots, you will enjoy this book. I found it to be an easy flowing story that will leave you appreciating life, another culture and realize that true love can exist despite obstacles. It made me quite interested in seeing for myself the beauty of Japan someday.  

Reviewed by: Mary Sullivan (2010)

Author's Synopsis

A memoir. World War 2 service as a fighter pilot over Japan, raised during the depression, The wedding of his youngest son to a Japanese woman in Japan, the daughter of an Imperial Japanese air force veteran. The reconciliation between the two fathers.