The Burntwaters Cook’s Kitchen Guide by David Michaelson

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Click on cover image to purchase a copy

MWSA Review

Could have been titled The Complete Cooking Guide for Idiots. This is as simple as it gets proving one can be a good cook without spending a small fortune on ingredients requiring an 1/8th of a teaspoon and toss the rest away.  Tired of recipes requiring tons of special ingredients, then this book is for you. The authors approach was to keep it simple this creates more interest and improves the families' culinary experiences without great expense, time or trouble.

Recipes are easy to follow and place the emphasis on how and taste, taste after all is an individual experience, different strokes for different folks. How is approached like a campaign; example -- cut into quarters or cube, wow, great but not for me or my family.  Or melt the chocolate in a double boiler, what a great idea, how about adding hot cream to prevent it from seizing.  

Explanations abound, kid friendly recipes, what to stock and how to measure, it's all in here.

Looking for a cooking guide or another cook book for your kitchen, but tired of all the multi page instructions and exotic or seldom used spices, this is your book, trip over yourself on the way to the local book store and get your copy before the 'Chefs Union' bans it sale.

Reviewed by: jim greenwald (2010)

Author's Synopsis

A cookbook for the overworked, the overwhelmed and the inept.