A Quiet Reality by Emilio Marrero

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MWSA Review

A Quiet Reality opens the door to the often un-thought, unspoken part of war, that of God at work.  Emilio intertwines combat and prayer in a manner that makes the story worth reading to Christians and non-Christians alike. This is a powerful and insightful journey into the war in Iraq. This is a different kind of war, calling on talents civilians do not generally think of the military possessing and Chaplain Marrero tells their story as he shared it, a very emotional journey that provides a window of discovery to the reader and will tug at your heart as you share the emotions, message of redemption, death, salvation and tears of loss.  The perspective presented is different from that of a book of "war." A story you will not see on your local news, eye opening and refreshingly honest.

Reviewed by: jim greenwald (2010)

Author's Synopsis

A Quiet Reality is a heartwarming and hopeful story that invites you to join Chaplain Marrero in this exciting journey through Iraq as he ministered to U.S. Marines. Join him through an exhilarating tactical convoy during his first night in Iraq, through the painful ministry to the wounded and dead. Reflect with him as he ponders on this quest as a man in uniform and a pastor. Walk with him through the ancient ruins of Nebuchadnezzar's Palace in Babil and join him on an exciting quest to open biblical history to his Marines while he seeks to care for the Iraqis around him. A Quiet Reality is a hopeful commentary on a selfless quest to be true to ones faith and one's calling in the most trying of times. A wonderful Christian inspirational story that provides deep insight into how Americans and Iraqis touched one another.