2018 Membership Poll

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Thanks for helping us better serve our members by answering a few questions.

  • Your name and email will only be visible to the MWSA and will never be shared or published
  • Except for your name and email, you can answer as many... or as few questions as you like
    • To skip questions and/or sections, just scroll down
  • We will use the poll answers to better craft our organization to meet the needs of our membership
  • We will share results with the membership as soon as we have enough responses

To open this poll in a new window, click on the box below; otherwise, you can fill out the poll from this web page using the innermost scrollbar to see successive questions.

Remember, you don't have to answer every question!  We'd rather see just a few of your comments and suggestions, than not hear from you because you gave up a bit too soon!

Thank you for participating!

Past Poll Results

For MWSA Board:

Sample Poll results
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  • This poll is not yet accessible to the membership (or the public).  Please go through the poll--all the way to submitting your answers and comments. 
  • Please add your comments, corrections, suggestions at the end, in the "General Comments, Observations, Requests" section.
  • I have already made several changes to this poll based on input received so far--questions combined and/or eliminated, answers changed/updated, etc.--so...
    • the summary of results of our test poll submissions will be difficult to assess
    • if you have time, please check back again in a few days.

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