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Caution!  For the moment, nothing is password-protected, don't put sensitive information here until everyone has had a chance to look at these pages and see if we'd like to use any of this system.

Upcoming Board Meetings
Also items for discussion or decision
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Board Meeting Conference Call

Leadership & Portfolios

Who's who and who's in charge of what

  • Public Leadership page

  • Leadership & Portfolio file

    • the file below can be used to keep track of who's doing what

    • all board members with access to this page, can request and receive editing authority, which I have to do from our Awards Directors Google account



Treasurer and Finance Committee can access and edit the above spreadsheets by clicking on the button below (inop until ROE developed)

Monthly Email Blast

Use this area to edit/prepare/preview the monthly email blast to membership.  Once approved and sent, the blast will be copied to the News Section of the website.

Admin Blog

  • Use this password-protected blog to keep track of MWSA administrative dialog, decisions

  • Subscribe to blog so you'll know when something new is posted

  • Holding place for minutes and discussions, can be later accessed by all with a need

    • Individual emails are harder to track, archive and centralize



Various administrative documents can be stored, edited (and displayed on website) here.

Caution: Some documents are always shown “live” on our website (examples: bylaws, conference agenda and Veteran Writing Groups.

Live Documents

Other Documents

  • Dropbox

    • requires login. Joyce Faulkner owns/controls



Edit conference agenda (Right now only Bob, Joe, and John C can edit, everyone else can view. This will show up on website’s conference page.

Main info is in “Events” section of website. Agenda below is linked to the specific event. Contact John Cathcart to update each year.