Online Store Merchandise

From Joyce:

As you know, I volunteered to research how much T Shirts would cost and will design them if we all see value in having them for sale.

Here are the costs for several options, how much I think they could be sold for, and how much margin we could get depending on number we purchase and investment made. We could get some as early as two weeks from now if you want to sell at conference. Otherwise, we can have delivered them here and we can sell through website.

Everyone has different opinions on whether should be 100% preshrunk cotton or a poly/cotton blend. They also argue that each type has the same benefit over the will make that decision down the road with internet research. However, here they are:

Hanes 5.2 oz 100% preshrunk Cotton T shirt - colored - with three color silk screen  - $6.52 each if we order 250 or $1630 total. There is a range of sizes...i suggest fewer in small sizes, more in larger...

We could sell them for $12 (plus shipping) which means that we would earn $3000 for a profit of $1370, or
for $15 (plus shipping) which is $3750 for a profit of $2120


Or Hanes 5.2 oz 100% preshrunk Cotton T shirt - white - with three color silk screen 250 shirts is $5.61 or $1402.50

With same pricing, $12 would be $3000 with profit of $1597.50 and $15 would be $3750 with profit of $2347.50

So as you see a colored background shirt is more than a white one. A heavier weight makes a difference too.

Here is Hanes 100% preshrunk 6.1 oz - white with 3 color silkscreen 250 shirts is $6.10 or $1525 total.

With same pricing, $12 would be $1475 profit and $15 would be $2225


A canvas triblend  in white with three color silkscreen is $11.57 each or for 250 $2892.50

So $12 option isnt feasible here. 

For $15, our profit would only be $857.50
For $20, our profit would be $2107.50


You can cut cost further by ordering more shirts at a time...example, for the  Hanes 5.2 oz 100% preshrunk cotton in white with three color design, the price per shirt for 500 is $4.92 (2460 investment) and for 750 its $4.59 ($3442.50 investment) and for 1000 its $4.39 ($4390 investment)...however, given amount of money in our operations account and that we have never tried to sell tshirts like this to earn money for operations beyond dues, I recommend buying 250 shirts. If successful, we can always order larger amounts in the future. I also recommend a standard design for that stays the same year after year, but perhaps for future events, I can design new ones that go with the event and that cost and return can come out of and go into the programming account. Example would be tshirts that would say Military Writers in San Antonio or something that makes it a keepsake for the particular those cases, maybe we would buy only 100 shirts. You could also include that cost in the fee and then we would have a known amount to that case, we arent looking for a profit neccesarily.

Another way to reduce our cost would be to limit design colors to one or two....which can be done...but to give you an idea, our logo is five colors.

If you prefer polo shirts, its a different animal and would require embroidery rather than silkscreen, I think...and we would have to sell a lot at a higher price to make them money makers.

Shipping from this particular company is free to one location...if we dont mind waiting two weeks. As I said in earlier email, Red Engine Press would handle packing up individual shirts and sending them out...customers would pay extra for packaging and shipping costs. Tax is another issue though...we would have to check with Don Farenacci on that given our tax status...and I have included Don in this email.

So, before I do more research, is this something we want to pursue? This is just one company, there are many out there and we might find some differences up or down in pricing or quality...but I wont go further until you give me go ahead.