The Centauri Intervention, by David Michaelson

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MWSA Review

Michaelson though not alone in the idea behind the story presents an interesting future. The concept of settling another planet for humans is a growing idea in many. A strong belief in planet wide destruction as a result of man’s foolish actions is in our news daily.

War, catastrophic events, and two races each alien to the other add to the intensity of the struggle for mankind’s survival. He weaves a tale of potential problems and issues that will arise. You can conceivably place yourself in the situations that arise and communication is tops on the list.

The books that follow will most certainly be anticipated as human nature needs answers and will want to know how the main characters develop. Will the two races be able to understand each other or will the destruction of one ship or both be the end result of a minor misunderstanding. Many of the problems are here today and will only in time become worse, colonization of another planet is inevitable and needed, will any lessons have been learned? 

Reviewed by: jim greenwald (September 2011)

Author's Synopsis

Out of control human population and a depleted Earth has created a need to seek another planet to colonize. The trip to Alpha Centauri in the starship PEGASUS will take 20,000 years. Near the end of the long journey, the aliens (Odeons) finally make their appearance. We are now in their backyard. The two species cannot communicate in any way, resulting in a tenuous warlike situation between starships. Two unlikely young heroes emerge—one human, the other Odeon. Together they take clandestine steps to recreate an ancient dialogue technique in the hope of establishing meaningful communications.

To make matters worse, the humans suffer from catastrophic cryogenic failure, losing many of their brightest minds. When morality wanes, The Church Of The Eternal Insight, led by the Good Vidhali, sets the standards of behavior for the surviving humans, as the final leg of their journey brings unprecedented grief and sadness.