Bittersweet Colony, by David Michaelson

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MWSA Review

The third book in the series will most certainly be anticipated as human nature requires answers and will want to know how the adventure develops. Will the two races be able to understand each other or will the destruction of one ship, or both, be the end result of a minor misunderstanding? Many of the problems are here today and will only in time become worse, colonization of another planet is inevitable and needed, will any lessons have been learned?

The sequel is here, how the story unfolds is only pages away in “Bittersweet Colony” Michaelson’s follow up to “The Centauri Intervention” the second book in the trilogy. Generations have gone by, over 1900 years and the new planet can be seen through Pegasus’s powerful telescopes.

Set in a distant future it carries many of today’s problems with it. Prejudice, slang and insulting terms continue to be part of the makeup of the survivors of the Earth. Communication and basic understanding have been reached between them and the Odeon’s who have indicated that the planet that is there destination will be fine for them as the Odeon’s have no use for it.

Arrival at their new home brings dangers that could not have been foreseen. This is not Earth, nothing is the same and death comes in strange ways. This, the second volume will make you want to read the third in the trilogy. What will become of these intrepid travelers from a world they no longer remember?

This part of the story winds down to an end that rejoices in the first birth and the discovery of more life in the landing pods.

Reviewed by: Jim Greenwald (2012)

Author's Synopsis

Nearing the end of a tragic 20,000 year journey to Alpha Centauri, the starship Pegasus is escorted to mankind's final destination by the mysterious and powerful resident aliens. Once shuttled to their new planet the humans discover the terrifying reasons why the Odeons never settled the plane the human race now calls Bittersweet Colony.