The Warrior Among Us, by Dick Hrebik

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MWSA Review

Sci-fi, the term alone conjures up memories of Star Trek and Star Wars. The Warrior Among Us can be added to your collection. Aliens whose world is destroyed by immigrants to it come to our planet not to harm it but in a twist of the often plied plot they came to save not destroy us. Sci-fi appeals to humanities penchant for conflict, conflict in which we the inferior defeat the superior. Hrebik sets the stage of a dystopian future in which aliens become benefactors.

Space ships, telepathy, the ability to inhabit other bodies, what is not to like about this story. All the elements are present in “The Warrior Among Us.” Add to that the Sarnificans have a much longer life span than earthlings and after their 100th. birthday they are able to blend in with the local population real well.

The Sarnificans make their initial homes under the ground, where in the U.S they meet a civilization of rather short people that live al la Jules Verne in the center of the earth. They make friends with the Rincons who aid them in building their new cities.

Of course the immigrants to Sarnificus who called themselves Sarnifikites have also arrived on earth and take up residence in the Middle East. Having totally destroyed the planet they had both lived on.

Deke the Administrator of the Sarnificans and Ali Khan the leader of the Sarnifikites settle their score in one last final battle in which Deke wins. The questions of course are unending. Is violence a solution to anything? Does war really accomplish anything? Is the loss of millions of lives justified? The reality to this reader is no to each question.

The reader will identify this book readily with the political issues of our times. A battle between Muslims and all Non-Muslims ensues; some items in the book have already come to pass. The question is, will the rest?

Reviewed by: Jim Greenwald (2012)

Author's Synopsis

The Warrior Among Us is a science fiction, political novel about the future. After a nuclear war annihilates an entire civilization on the planet Sarnificus and the United States falls off the international stage when Congress becomes impotent after years of increased partisan politics, and is unable to function. The world becomes a battleground centered in the deserts of the Middle East. Finally, Deke, a U.S. Marine, takes up arms with another nation's army in an attempt to save the world from itself by the year 2025. Can he save Earth? Discover our destiny in this suspense filled novel.