Red Sky At Night by Bill Bigelow

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MWSA Review

A Believable Submarine Thriller in the Tom Clancy Mold! Author Bill Bigelow, a former Navy officer and also an actor from old TV shows like Hawaii Five-O, Charlie’s Angels, Magnum P.I. and Jake and The Fatman, has created a great submarine thriller that gives the reader total satisfaction. The book has a great balance between the plot and the character development. This is a well written and an intelligent accounting of a very plausible scenario dealing with submarines, secrets, murder, spies, and international intrigue.

The phrasing and writing technique that Bigelow uses to tell his tale, makes for entertaining story telling. This book will hold your attention from the first few pages all the way to last satisfying pages. This is a great undersea novel that connects well with the reader. I loved the book. I believe that Bigelow has all the potential to join a very elite group of best selling writers of military fiction. This is a must read! Watch this author he is going to be noticed!

Reviewed by: Bill McDonald (2006)

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