The Sobs of Autumn's Violins by A. R. Homer

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MWSA Review

An Intelligent Spy Thriller from WWII.  Author A. R. Homer creates a captivating story of the D-day invasion and all that leads up to it by mixing actual historic facts with both real and fictional characters. His novel, The Sobs of Autumn’s Violins – A Novel of War and Love, is a wonderfully creative and devious mixture of history and imagination.

Although this is only Homer’s second novel, he is already being viewed as one of the more credible and exciting up-and-coming mystery, thriller writers of his generation. This book is not just a story of WWII spies and espionage; it is laced with great interplay between characters and is partially a love story as well.

Actual facts are weaved into and throughout the storyline which adds a touch of realism and believability to the plot. The only thing lacking for this book to make it to the best seller’s list is marketing and being “discovered" by the media. This book is a must read for all avid readers of thriller or WWII books. 

Reviewed by: Bill McDonald (2006)

Author's Synopsis
A Secret So Colossal It Will Decide Who Wins the War...

May, 1944: The world holds its breath as the Allies prepare to launch their all-important invasion of Europe. The invasion plan is a secret that must be kept at all costs, but the secret is beset from all sides: a sleeper spy in England, a disaster during an invasion rehearsal, a double-dealing French Resistance leader, a ruthlessly-obsessed Gestapo head. And, for an American intelligence officer, it is a race against time to save both the secret and the woman he loves.

And now the secret's safety hangs upon two things: Operation First Violin, the brainchild of the chief English spymaster, and a French orphan girl seeking to find escape from a world that has dealt her terrible blows.

Played out in England and Normandy over two weeks that will decide the course of history, The Sobs of Autumn's Violins is a tale of suspense, courage, and love that builds to a stunning double climax.