Rogue Trident by John Hindinger

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MWSA Review

Phenomenal Yarn! Author John H. Gallagher takes on the military and even Senator Joe McCarthy in his historical fictionalized story about the Korean War "Grady's Tour". Most books do not take on such a complete stretch of history, in this case, four years that covers both the war and afterwards. 

The book has some great action sequences in Korea that will satisfy almost all military buffs who enjoy reading a good war novel. The book goes into an area that most writers of this genre do not. It deals with issues beyond the war itself and takes on the great spy hunt at home by people like Joe McCarthy. It raises some questions and it might open old historic wounds for some people. 

Readers will get their money's worth; as the book is well over 500 pages long and is entertaining through out .

Reviewed by: Bill McDonald (2006)

Author's Synopsis
A historical novel of: Fighting in Korean War; Zealous commanding general at Stateside post; McCarthy communist spy hunt; Politics at home; Romance.