Basic Information

What is an "Outside Review?

An MWSA review posted in another location: Amazon, Goodreads, Barnes & Noble, etc.

Why do an "Outside Review?

Provides Visibility & Exposure--for the author/book, for the reviewer, and for MWSA

MWSA Rules and Procedures

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Review Content

  • Must be verbatim copy of posted review if preceded by "MWSA Review"
    • If you'd like to make small changes to your review, that's OK as long as the review is substantially the same as the one you provided to MWSA and it fits with the MWSA award given
    • Although outside reviews are normally done by #1 reviewer, #2 and/or #3 may also upload their own outside review as long as it meets the requirements of the bullet above
  • Signature block
    • Please mention MWSA
    • Examples
      • Review done for the Military Writers Society of America (MWSA), by Betsy Smith, award-winning author of Cat Love Stories
      • John Jones, MWSA Reviewer

Outside Review Timing

  • Do not post outside review that includes ANY STAR RATING before MWSA announcement of medal winners (not Awards Finalists)
    • We do this to avoid "spilling the beans" about likely medal winners and/or creating expectations for our authors
    • Medal announcement normally occurs at the awards banquet during our annual conference

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Stars vs. MWSA Medal

  • In order to account for "Score Inflation," please use the above guidelines

    • MWSA Gold or Silver = Amazon 4 or 5 stars
    • MWSA Bronze = Amazon 3 or 4 stars
    • No Medal Awarded = Not less than 3 stars


Tips/Guidance for Individual Sites


  • MWSA has its own page on Goodreads
  • Goodreads allows posting a review WITHOUT a score (star-rating)
    • This is why we're copying all books and our reviews to this website as they're posted to our own website


  • Amazon doesn't allow a review without a star rating
  • That's why we're not yet copying our books & reviews here

Barnes and Noble

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Apple Bookstore

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Apple News

  • All MWSA books and reviews are automatically "syndicated" to this news feed--no action required by reviewers