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Raven's Run: A Cybertech Thriller by John Trudel

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Author's Synopsis

Creative story telling at its best

In "Raven's Run," John Trudel weaves an global story of intrigue, murder, and paranormal spying into a fast hard-hitting, action thriller. The novel opens with parallel stories - one in present time that includes the murder of an Iranian harbor master and the other covers early exploration in Antarctica and the 1963 murder of an aviation pioneer with ties to President's Kennedy and Johnson.

The two main characters are Raven — a veteran but ousted CIA counter-terrorist operative — and Josie — a paranormal gifted with an exceptional talent for out-of-body viewing anywhere in the world and at different times now or in the past. The two personalities and backgrounds make an unlikely team for a highly secretive government agency tasked with tracking down where Iran is getting an untraceable supply of uranium.

Using characters well defined and back stories well researched, Trudel logically meshes together the many elements of "Raven's Run." Josie and Raven must solve a 55-year-old murder before solving the current time mystery of Iran's super-secret adventure in the frozen continent. Raven's skills with weapons and espionage run contrary to Josie's strong abhorrence to violence. But when she is on an out-of-body mission, Raven becomes frustrated because he can't protect her when she is on a viewing session. Her ventures often cause her to become emotionally drained and physically disabled after witnessing extreme violence, thereby creating emotional conflicts between her and Raven.

The story picks up speed as it progresses and multifaceted situations converge, putting Raven and Josie's lives in jeopardy during a nail-biting conclusion. 

"Raven's Run" is a well-written and entertaining read.

Reviewed by Joe Epley, MWSA Reviewer

Audiobook Information 

Flamingo Audiobooks, a division of Flamingo Road Studios, LLC, presents John D. Trudel's award-winning "Raven's Run: A Cybertech Thriller."

“A 'cowboy' CIA agent is kicked out with extreme prejudice but immediately finds himself sheep-dipped into a deep-black-op and running the nation’s most unusual, prized and sexy asset. Before the two can attack their objective, they must unravel a historical mystery that reveals an ugly part of American history.”

The leader of the spy-thriller genre, Brad Thor, says of narrator Victoria Taft, "Victoria is an incredibly skilled, captivating narrator who keeps you hanging on every word. Give her two minutes and you will become a fan for life!"

ISBN/ASIN: 978-1-7337437-0-9
Review Genre:  Fiction—Mystery/Thriller
Book Format(s): Audiobook

Mysterious Mike and the Hmong: Secrets of the Secret War in Laos by M H Burton

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Author's Synopsis

In June of 1960 Mike Bauer is a naïve idealistic 22-year-old Minnesota farm boy with a freshly-minted Agronomy Degree who wants to do good in the world and have some adventures while doing it.  “Those faraway places with the strange sounding names” are calling him.  He signs on for two years at $75 a month as an agricultural advisor with a missionary society supported by his church and hits the jackpot.  Laos is almost exactly half way around the world from New Germania, Minnesota, can’t get farther away than that.  Xiengkhouang and Naxaithong and Lhat Houang sound exotic enough for you?  Those are just some of the places.  How about the people?  Is Prince-General Phongphasansak Inxixiengmai enough of a mouthful?  Mike gets what he signed up for, and a lot more. Finds himself posted to a mission at Lhat Houang which is in middle of a war his superiors hadn’t told him about-possibly because they didn’t know about it themselves. That’s just beginning of the craziness, danger and adventure.  He soon begins to call Laos “Alice in Wonderland”.  Things just keep getting “curiouser and curiouser”…for sixteen years.

But long before those sixteen years are up in 1976 and Mike returns to his native Minnesota he has become “Mysterious Mike”.  A CIA master spy?  An international drug Lord?  The “Lawrence of Laos”?  A bloody-handed war criminal?  An unsung hero?  Or is he just what he says he is, an agricultural advisor to the Hmong mountain people. The brave men and women (and children) who fought so long and hard and skillfully against the Communist takeover of Laos.  They needed much more than advice on how to improve their crops.  They needed help surviving…and in the end they needed help escaping the Communists and finding a new home…in Minnesota.  Mike Bauer did what he could to help them.  With all of that! 

ISBN/ASIN: 9781986124881 Paperback 1986124886 ebook
Book Format(s): Soft cover, Kindle
Review Genre: Fiction—Historical Fiction
Number of Pages: 295

Raiding the Empire of the Sun: Tinian 1945 by Kit Crumpton

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Author's Synopsis

Raiding the Empire of the Sun: Tinian 1945 is a historical novel of B-29 Superfortress missions over Japan during the last year of WWII. This book is based on real life events of a B-29 crew, describing life on Tinian Island as well as the dramatic happenings in the skies over enemy territory until the end of the war. The characters are fictionalized but the main character, Captain Jenson, is strongly based on the authors’ father.

ISBN: 978-0996539616 ASIN B017ODJ6NC
Format: Paper and Kindle
Review Genre: Historical Fiction
Pages: 232