Veil of Deception; by Michael Byars Lewis

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MWSA Review
In his second book, Michael Byars Lewis takes his Air Force hero, Jason Conrad, through another non stop thrill ride full of women, violence, and international intrigue.

Conrad is trying to find some normalcy after the events of the first book, and is looking to get on with his career. But when he lands a once in a lifetime job AND the most mysterious woman of his life shows up after six years, he knows life is going to be anything but normal. Throw in a gorgeous red-headed reporter from the New York Times and some Chinese commandos, and things get absolutely crazy.

It’s obvious that Lewis is writing from experience with regards to aviation and the Air Force, and he uses his knowledge to add believable depth to the story. It is as good a techno-thriller/espionage tale as you will find, but without a lot of jargon, so even those lacking aviation or military experience can fully enjoy its telling. This story gets great marks for creativity, action, and some great characters. Highly recommended for fans of Tom Clancy, Dale Brown, or Jeff Edwards.

MWSA Reviewer: Rob Ballister

Author's Synopsis

What if the company building America’s most expensive weapons system was secretly owned by one of our enemies?

Following a terrifying jet crash, Jason Conrad finds himself on a very short list of people on their way out the door. It is a surprise to everyone when he is assigned to the home of the U.S. Air Force Flight Test Center, to an aircraft no one thinks he’s qualified for.

Attached to a secret project with a shadowy contractor, Jason is caught between two complications; an overbearing, retired general determined to see him fail; and an aggressive television reporter who wants him in prison.

When a ghost from the past shows up and a beautiful, yet mysterious woman enters his life, Jason soon discovers his special project has more secrets than anyone knows about . . . and it could cost him his life.

Veil of Deception is the second book in the Jason Conrad USAF Thriller series! Fans of Dale Brown and Brad Taylor will love the second installment of Michael Byars Lewis’ page turning series!