Terror Cell; by Joseph Badal

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MWSA Review
Author Joseph Badal has written a fast-paced, action-packed thriller in his book Terror Cell. Set in Athens, Greece, Badal pits his protagonists, Bob Danforth and his team of CIA operatives, against Greek Spring, a fictional terrorist group that has been operating with impunity in Greece for two decades. Not knowing who to trust is only part of the problem Danforth faces. The terrorists have planned a series of terror attacks that the CIA team believes will culminate with some sort of grand attack at the Olympic games. As the assassinations and bombings evolve, Danforth realizes that they may they not succeed in bringing down Greek Spring. Not only that, but he also may not survive the effort.  

I recommend Terror Cell to anyone who loves thrillers. For those who are not sure, I recommend they read this book to find out if they might be. An easy, quick read, this book will satisfy any reader’s desire for action, suspense, and conflict. The author’s descriptions of the neighborhoods and suburbs of Athens are an added plus.  Read it!

MWSA Reviewer: Bob Doerr

Author's Synopsis

Terror Cell is the second book in the 5-book Danforth Saga, which includes Evil Deeds (Book 1), The Nostradamus Secret (Book 3), The Lone Wolf Agenda (Book 4), & Death Ship (Book 5). “Terror Cell” pits Bob Danforth, a CIA Special Ops Officer, against Greek Spring, a vicious terrorist group that has operated in Athens, Greece for three decades. Danforth’s mission in the summer of 2004 is to identify one or more of the members of the terrorists in order to bring them to justice for the assassination of the CIA’s Station Chief in Athens. What Danforth does not know is that Greek Spring plans a catastrophic attack against the 2004 Summer Olympic Games.

Danforth and his CIA team are hampered by years of Congressionally-mandated rules that have weakened U.S. Intelligence gathering capabilities, and by indifference and obstructionism on the part of Greek authorities. His mission becomes even more difficult when he is targeted for assassination after an informant in the Greek government tells the terrorists of Danforth’s presence in Greece.

In Terror Cell, Badal weaves a tale of international intrigue, involving players from the CIA, the Greek government, and terrorists in Greece, Libya, and Iran—all within a historical context. Anyone who keeps up with current events about terrorist activities and security issues at the Athens Olympic Games will find the premise of this book gripping, terrifying, and, most of all, plausible.