Stories of Faith & Courage from the Vietnam War, by Larkin Spivey

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MWSA Review

Something needed; something done.  The stories of faith and courage during and after the Vietnam War are stories you can devour by reading through the book entirely, or reading day by day to grasp each story’s worth with applicable Holy Bible verses alongside.  You’ll read personal accounts from the lowest ranking “new guy” or the battle-hardened general officer about the frustration of fighting an invisible enemy; of praying for “One more day, dear God. One more day.”  You’ll read stories from those who saw disturbing sights and questioned God about the meaning and what their purpose was for being there.  You’ll read that the sound of helicopters meant to some that help was on the way and to others that casualties were on the way. You’ll read about how lives were touched at just the sight of the cross on a chaplain’s cap.  The POW endurance stories and stories from families who lost loved ones will touch your heart and strengthen your soul.

Indeed, Stories of Faith and Courage from the Vietnam War is something needed for those who have endured any war as well as those who care about loved ones that hurt because of war.  It is something done for anyone who seek answers.

Reviewed by: Fran McGraw (2012)

Author's Synopsis

In a new collection of true stories from the Vietnam War, Larkin Spivey reveals the violence and danger faced by a generation of young Americans that answered their Nation's call and rose to the challenge.

Many stories show the power of faith under the stress of combat and separation from loved ones, while others show the complex spiritual journey of men forced to confront the dark side of human nature for the first time. Ultimately, the power of God to redeem every human life and event shines forth in this amazing collection.