Stories of Faith & Courage from the Home Front, by Jocelyn Green

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MWSA Review

This is an amazing book in that it covers hundreds of years of war history. Its primary focus is on those who have stayed behind and “kept the home fires burning.”


It is a daily devotional book of true stories. It highlights the hardships they have faced, and shows that faith in God was the touchstone that many needed to make it through.

The book is organized into themed weeks which may include excerpts from letters, journals, or news articles. Each section ends with a prayer.

There are stories of real people who survived their war, and were able to live with courage, while personally enduring great personal sacrifice on the home front.

The authors were able to interview dozens of those who experienced the wars in Vietnam, the Persian Gulf, Iraq and Afghanistan. For older wars, they relied on primary documents. Throughout the book, it becomes very apparent that God’s word was relevant and instrumental in providing the necessary hope and inspiration to “keep on keeping on.”

The book contains over 600 fascinating pages, as well as resources for veterans and their families. How I wish I’d had it when I was “waiting at home” for my Vietnam veteran, and for the many trying years afterward.

A real treasure that can provide comfort for military families, I highly recommended this book.

Reviewed by: Charlene Rubush (2013)

Author's Synopsis

This devotional book contains 365 true stories of struggles, courage, and actions of women, children, and men involved in the home front of American wars, in chronological order, from the French Indian War through the current conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. These stories illustrate effective prayers, heroism, volunteer efforts, and daily courage. Special weekend devotions consist of original words from a journal, newspaper, letter, or newspaper, and glimpses into life during that era, such as fashion, pastimes, work, and celebrations. Each story includes a coordinated Scripture and a prayer for today’s military, families, or individuals encountering struggles.