Grand Slam Grooming Dogs Speak Out, by Pat McGrath Avery

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MWSA Review

Written as  a series of fictional "first-hand" memoirs by various breeds of dogs, describing their lives with their owners, the book is written in simple clear language, in which each dog's breed, relation to its owners and details of its life are revealed.  There are almost 40 narratives in all, and the dogs are mostly terriers, spaniels, poodles, and similar small breeds; no outdoor hunting dogs here. The one other common factor linking these pets is the fact that all are groomed at one local Grand Slam Grooming pet salon (the first chapter focuses on the salon).   Each narrative highlights the strongest factors of these types of pooches – their fervent loyalty toward their owners and their cuteness and mischief.  Two Bichon Frise pups named Ben and Bart “testify” to their fondness for chewing on everything from rugs to table legs to “stuffed bears and little squeaky toys.” The narratives are illustrated with film clips in the ipad format copies, highlighting the sound and visual powers of that device. Still photos are used in the print format copies. Some of the clips and photos are quite sharp, others are "phone camera" quality. The writing becomes somewhat repetitive: phrases like "yummy treats" and "mommy and daddy" -- to indicate the dogs' owners -- are used throughout the book. The book will appeal to fans of house pets and is recommended to dedicated owners of such small breeds as noted above. It should also appeal to young adult readers who own such pets.

Reviewed by: Terry Shoptaugh(2013)

Author's Synopsis

The dogs of Grand Slam Grooming tell their stories to Luke the Detective Dog turned Investigative Reporter. Funny, clever -- and sweet as only dogs can be.