Famous Dogs, by Pat McGrath Avery

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MWSA Review

Writing a good book lies in the eye of the reader.  Pat McGrath Avery has brought to me the reviewer a good book.  In fact it is an excellent book.  Her writing is very direct as she also uses the efforts of our imaginary co-author Luke the Reporter Dog in describing these stories. In fact Luke reminds me of Duke the dog trying to tell the secret recipe of Bush Beans commercials.  And so it goes.

The author takes new and old stories of canine and oh yes one cat story and their relationships to the human genre.  The book is short and simple and did I mention very excellent and compelling.  This compilation of short canine and oh yes one cat story tells the true story of man’s relationship to dog-dom and oh yes cat-dom!!

Very well told and highly recommended to any dog and oh yes cat lover!!

Reviewed by: Dick Geschke (2013)

Author's Synopsis

As human companions, dogs have taken part in much of man's history and in some cases, actually created change by their actions. These stories of twenty-six dogs and a cat are suitable for adults and children who want to know more about dogs and their role in history.