The Book in the Wall by John F. Simpson

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MWSA Review

The setting is New York City in 2084. Through political stealth, and patience, with a dose of American complacency, and political correctness thrown in, Islamic extremists have managed to take control of the government of the United States via the democratic process. Democracy in all forms goes out the window, of course, once their firm grip on the lives of the citizens is established, and all of the evil of Muslim religious rule that we see currently throughout the world that is governed by Sharia Law, takes root in most of the United States. A brutal police state is in place, challenged by a relentless underground of resisters. 
In light of the slow deterioration of Europe, with their steady encroachment of Islamic communities that do not adhere to local custom, or law, we are presented with a believable scenario in The Book In The Wall.  Watching how England, Germany, and France deal with their emerging nightmarish Muslim scenarios should, hopefully school us in the landscape our own susceptible future. The grim vision of this book should be a reminder that such things have happened before throughout history, and we know that history always repeats itself.

Reviewed by: Bob Flournoy (2011)

Author's Synopsis

The story takes place in the future and creates a realistic and believable vision of a society in which the citizens of the Islamic States of America must learn to live or die; it is a society where Sharia Law is the only law and the ISA is a member of the  World Islamic Brotherhood. A startling, powerful, and terrifying novel that draws a vivid picture of a stark society where everyone lives in fear of the thought police. It is a world where the government can outlaw any technology or idea it considers offensive, a world where the most minor of offences is punished by  public execution. The story is completely convincing and draws heavily on events that are taking place today in France, England, and Denmark. The author presents an insightful  prophetic view of a world our grandchildren may have to endure if we do not act to prevent the nightmare from becoming a reality.