Pirates & Cartels by Lee & Vista Boyland

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Click on cover image to purchase a copy

MWSA Review

Pirates and Cartels is a spin-off of “The Rings of Allah, Behold and Ashen Horse, and America Reborn” series. Similarities exist but “Pirates and Cartels” stands firmly on its own feet as the first in a trend setting series that should be coming to a theatre near you soon (my opinion). 

A linear leap, as the authors move familiar characters into new roles. The American president, George Alexander strikes at the countries enemies in an easily identifiable way. The authors add enough snafus’ to keep the reader in their seat, while they wish silently they could join the fight.

The characters foes are relentless, heartless, and well prepared. Erica Borgg and Melissa Adams are deftly defined characters with all the strengths and frailties of people we can identify with. The plot sings of reality without detracting from the reader’s ability to become immersed in the story.

Pirates and Cartels is an easy read that will compel the reader to turn the page to discover what happens next. The language is straightforward which adds an authenticity to the story. This is a book you must have and from the minute you open to the first page each sentence will draw you to the next.

Reviewed by: jim greenwald (2011)

Author's Synopsis

Award-winning authors pen a new, exciting page-turner—Pirates and Cartels the debut novel for their OAS series. America’s president, George Alexander, sends his secret weapons, female operatives FBI Special Agent Teresa Lopez, and Delta’s first female shooters, Erica Borgg and Melissa Adams, to Mexico—their assignments—to ferret out corrupt government officials and ID cartel kingpins for termination. Alexander and Mexico’s President Vincente Wolf form a secret alliance and develop a plan to destroy the cartels and their golden goose—the drug trade. Jihadists, and Mexican and Somali pirates throw kinks in the two leader’s plan.