Kings of the Green Jelly Moon by King, Greenwald, Jellerson, Mullins

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MWSA Review

Kings of the Green Jelly Moon is an amazing recitation of poetry composed by four uniquely different voices. Wrought with rawness and realism, this diverse collection is sure to give the reader pause for reflection and understanding.

None but those who were actually entrenched in the jungles of Southeast Asia are qualified to educate others as to the lasting effects of the tragedy and turmoil that was Vietnam. Not only are these four author/patriots qualified, they are also masterful poets as well, each bringing their own flavor to the same subject, surviving Nam.

Lloyd King's “First Kill” is a chilling testament to the inherent value that a Soldier places on every human life even that of his enemy.

Jim Greenwald's “Just Stopped By” is a sobering reminder of those who paid the ultimate price for our freedom lest we forget.

James Jellerson's “Seven Stars” offers a glimpse into the depths of selfless camaraderie that only brothers in arms can share.

Mike Mullin's “Silence” gives the reader an intimate insight into the challenges of living with the memories of being a warrior.

Kings of the Green Jelly Moon is not merely a collection of poems about Vietnam, but rather songs about the human condition in all its forms. Absorbing and contemplating these poetic offerings will break the readers heart and mend it all at the same timeThis is a very impressive body of work. The level of talent and presentation is outstanding. Each poet bares his soul to the reader, giving us a privileged glimpse into their souls showing us the Vietnam they experienced and its lingering aftermath.

Reviewed by: Claudia Pemberton (2011)

Author's Synopsis

KINGS of the GREEN JELLY MOON presents a searing collection of poetry written by a group of Vietnam veterans-each successful in their craft, all award-winning poets in their own right. The title Kings of the Green Jelly Moon recalls the innocence of childhood, a time when children believed the moon was made of green cheese. Then Vietnam changed an innocent generation as truth of war became their reality. From the impact of war on young men and how they are forever changed to the stark reality that fighting in a foreign country, the poems in the collection offer, in verse, a Vietnam veterans' reunion. These soldiers were forever changed by the experience that war forces upon those who fight and return from battle. Those who were lost can never be forgotten.