A Prayer Journey Through Deployment' by Donna Mull

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MWSA Review

Donna Mull is a brilliant writer; but, that alone would not have made Prayer Journey Through Deployment, the gem that it is.

What makes this collection of prayers, commentaries and trenchant insights so special is that it flows from a powerful force of inspiration, faith, passion and pain that cause it to soar. Written primarily for the soldier deployed during war and his or her loved ones, it achieves, perhaps even unwittingly by Ms. Mull, a universality that makes it a valued guide to life for young and old, soldier and civilian, believer and non-believer, alike. This intricate interweave of biblical passages with thematic prayer, poetry and prose is a work of art.

Reviewed by: Don Farinacci (2011)

Author's Synopsis

When a soldier serves, so does the family. Donna Mull saw that statement on the shirts some military wives were wearing at a Fourth of July parade as they marched with their husbands. Suddenly, that statement had become personal. She had heard stories about mothers whose faithful prayers had changed lives. When her son received his orders for deployment to Iraq, she wanted to be one of those mothers. Equally motivated by love and pain, Ms. Mull embarked on a year-long journey of prayer, writing weekly devotionals that focused on the specific needs of soldiers and their families. She then forwarded them to friends and family, who used them as springboards for their own prayer times. If you have a loved one in the military, chances are you are engaged in a battle of your own. Will your loved one survive? Will you? How will you cope while your soldier is away? When your soldier returns, will he or she be changed?