God in the Foxhole by Charles W. Sasser

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MWSA Review

Prolific author Charles W. Sasser has given readers something very special in the way of military genre books with his newest (and best) book of his career. "God In The Foxhole: Inspiring True Stories Of Miracles On The Battlefield" is a very moving, entertaining, mysterious, spiritual and action filled volume of personal accounts of combat. It is unlike any other book already out there. This is book doesn't judge the supernatural happenings that surround the warriors who have waged our nation's battles and wars - it just presents them for the reader to digest and savor. 

There are dozens of tales of supernatural events that have happened to combat veterans from all of our wars. Sasser has captured stories from most of our nation's wars, some from people he personally knows such as myself. He gives each experience a respectful place in this anthology of war stories. What happens is so varied and no two stories are alike. We are shown the power of faith, prayer and love. We are also shown true miracles where there are no possible logical explanations. 

This book written in a style that reads like a great novel. The author's obvious skills as a story teller are much in evident. He takes the reader on a "spiritual journey" across battlefields and up into the flak filled skies of times past - to deliver an explosive page turning book. One cannot help but be moved by the many accounts of encounters with events and things that leave us in wonder and awe. This book will make you feel good; it may also make you question reality and what you might believe. 

I believe in the power of this book. So much so, that when I was contacted by the author to use my own stories in his book, I not only gave him those but I also introduced him to another dozen or so veterans who had "spiritual experiences". Then, I volunteered to write the Foreword for this volume. When this book finally came out it was even better than I had envisioned. 

This book needed to be written; these stories needed to be told! Charles Sasser has gifted the world with something very special. This book is more than just individual stories. When presented together, as in this book - it becomes a divine messenger! However, there are no deliberate attempts to send any particular slanted or religious message - readers will come away with their own insights and beliefs. The stories speak for themselves - there is no need to sell or exploit religion or any spiritual ideology. 

I strongly urge all those who have a friend or relative in the military, to buy them a copy of this book. Your gift of this book will lift their hearts and spirits. However, this book is not intended just for combat veterans but for all family members. It will strengthen your faith, or in some cases, give you faith where there wasn't any before. This book will inspire readers. 

This book has been nominated for book awards from both "The Military Writer's Society of America" and "The American Authors Association". This is a FIVE STAR BOOK! I give this book my personal recommendation. Buy it, read it, and be inspired! This book will change you in ways you cannot image.

Reviewed by: Bill McDonald (2009)

Author's Synopsis

God in the FoxholeA stunning collection of true personal accounts from generations of American soldiers whose faith, in the words of renowned combat journalist and former Green Beret Charles W. Sasser, “has been born, reborn, tested, sustained, verified, or transformed under fire.”From the battlefields of the American Revolution through World Wars I and II, from Korea and Vietnam to the front lines in Iraq and Afghanistan, here is an immensely moving gathering of war stories like no other—dramatic tales of spirituality, conversion, and miracles:The angelic vision that brought inner peace to an exhausted helicopter door gunner in Vietnam . . . the makeshift full-immersion baptisms of eleven soldiers on Palm Sunday in Iraq, 2004 . . . two enemies—a Nazi priest and an American G.I.—who served Communion Mass in a Belgian sanctuary in 1944 . . . the prescient letter from a Civil War army major to his beloved wife, one week before his death at Bull Run . . . the 21st-century toddler with a jaw-dropping spiritual connection to a war hero of Iwo Jima . . . and more.Fans of military history will be captivated by these transcendent portraits of survival and belief, presented by the acclaimed coauthor of One Shot—One Kill.