Battlefields & Blessings: Stories of Faith and Courage from World War II by Larkin Spivey

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MWSA Review

Larkin Spivey's book is an inspirational, uplifting, spiritual work written against the backdrop of World War II.  Spivey, himself a combat veteran, tells 365 true stories of faith and hope, set up in a one-per-day devotional format.  Most stories contain quotes from the soldiers who lived them during the second world war, and each concludes with a scripture passage related to the story.

I particularly liked the simple way Larkin told each soldier's (or sailor's, or airman's, or Marine's) story.  Usually in one page, he set the stage, introduced the character, told the story, and explained the particular spiritual relevance.  From privates to generals, allies to axis, warfighter and civilian, Larkin drew the most powerful stories together to produce a spiritual shield any prayerful soldier will count as a "must have" in his or her combat gear.  

It is a well laid out, simple read, with a gripping cover and appropriate pictures throughout.  I also liked the way the page edges are ruffled, like an old bible, adding a subtle reminder of the inspirational nature of the book. 

Highly recommended for any Christian military person or veteran who considers prayer, spirituality, and God an important part of his or her life.  Also for their loved ones, or simply Christians in general.

Reviewed by: Rob Ballister (2009)

Author's Synopsis

The purpose of Stories of Faith and Courage from World War II is to strengthen the faith of its readers by showing the power of faith of those under the most extreme circumstances imaginable. This is accomplished through 365 one-page stories from America's greatest conflict presented in a daily devotional format with relevant scripture readings for each day of the year. Additionally, the book presents a unique and concise history of World War II with summaries, maps, and photographs of the major campaigns of the war. On this level, the individual stories provide insights into the war and combat not found in typical historical accounts.