What is a POW/MIA?; by John T. Dixon, Jr.

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John T. Dixon, Jr. has written an exceptionally thought-provoking children’s book on an emotionally-charged and painfully real subject … POW’s and MIA’s.  “Mommy, What Is a POW/MIA?” will serve not only to educate while entertaining the inquisitive nature of a child’s mind, but will also serve as a sober reminder to the adult reader that there are still thousands of lost and missing American soldiers that never made it home from the war.     

“Mommy, What Is a POW/MIA?” is meticulous in its explanation and is very well written.  It tells the story of Savannah’s quest for answers concerning her Uncle Bobby.  Up to now, Savannah’s knowledge of her Uncle Bobby (her mother’s brother) has been gleaned from whispered and often tearful conversations between her parents.  Seeking definitive answers, Savannah asks her mother, “Mommy what is a POW/MIA?”  The mother’s response is sensitive and informative as she explains how as a young man, Uncle Bobby joined the Army and was sent to serve in Vietnam.  She explains how soldiers, including Uncle Bobby, are sometimes captured or die during combat, but are never found or returned home to their loved ones.

Not only does Savannah comprehend the concept of POW/MIAs, she resolves to grow up and join the military and JPAC Command to help bring Uncle Bobby home.

The illustrations are realistic renditions of military symbols, sites, and memorials, several of which are repeated at the back of the book to create a unique “coloring” addition to this special little book.

I definitely recommend this children’s book to all families, regardless of their military affiliation.  Its topic is relevant and vitally important to educating young American minds on the subject of democracy, and the ultimate price that some very heroic men and woman have paid for our freedom. 

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Author's Synopsis

With Savannah's innocent questions, her Mom's reflections on her lost brother, Mommy, What Is a POW/MIA is a thought provoking journey that makes us ask how we can help bring our brave soldiers home!