Behold, an Ashen Horse (Clash-of-Civilizations Trilogy Book 2); by Vista Boyland,‎ Lee Boyland

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MWSA Review

An OUTSTANDING sequel to his first thriller!

Author Lee Boyland left his readers hanging at the end of THE RINGS OF ALLAH.  Five nuclear devices were placed in the United States, but would the US be able to react in time?

BEHOLD, AN ASHEN HORSE picks up the story right where RINGS left off.  The US, mired in liberal politics, bureaucracy, and political correctness, doesn't react, and the resulting "Day of Islam" costs the lives of millions of Americans.  The entire government is wiped out in the blink of an eye, except retired Air Force General George Alexander, who is serving as the Secretary of Homeland Security.  Alexander becomes President, establishes a government, and sets forth to find and punish those responsible.  The release of nuclear weapons is authorized, and President Alexander vows that this time there will be no "unfinished business."

This book has plenty of technological details, but the author does a great job of keeping things moving and not letting technology bog down the story; the descriptions are simple but accurate.  Boyland also does a great job of developing his characters, and you can't help but fall in love with President Alexander as he pulls out all the stops and runs roughshod over the liberal bureaucrats who try to stop him from saving the United States and taking vengeance on those who attacked her. 

If you ever felt that the US needs to step up and act like the superpower she is, THIS is the book for you!  Five stars!

MWSA Reviewer: Rob Ballister

Author's Synopsis

America suffers a devistating nuclear terrorist attack. There will be only a few hours warning before five cities are destroyed. America’s capital city and most of its senior government perishes in the explosion. Only George Alexander, the secretary of homeland security, survives and it is up to him to assume the presidency, form a government and save the nation. In 2008 we received several emails asking if Donald Trump was President Alexander, and our reply was, perhaps. If asked the same question today the answer would be yes. 

Behold, an Ashen Horse is the story of an American statesman's struggle to save the nation. He does what has to be doned to keep the economy functioning, suppress domestic jihads, form an interim government, protect the nation from attack by those who think America is on her knees, establish relations with other nations, defeat a millile attack, and deal with the new Caliphate. In his first address to the nation, Alexander said, “Once we have reorganized and bandaged our wounds, we will determine who was responsible for these attacks—then, and only then, will we seek retribution." President Alexander says what he means and delivers on his promises. An inspiring story of how Americans rally to overcome the effects of the attack and return to the Founding Farthers vision. 

Behold, an Ashen Horse is a frighteningly realistic story of events after a nuclear 9/11.