Secure the Fort by Lucy Cain

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Author's Synopsis
If there are any patriotic threads woven into your American heart, you are impacted by the ACLU's efforts to remove "under God" from our Pledge of Allegiance, and "in God we trust" off our currency. This nation was founded on faith in God, and it is this author's opinion that we need to embrace our faith now more than ever during this war on terror. 

As a military mother, I feel strongly about this nation remaining "under God." As a Christian author, I felt compelled to write about those feelings when my son joined the Army Reserves during this current war effort.

What started as a book of military themed devotions, Secure the Fort has turned into so much more. God has opened doors and provided more than thirty contributing authors who have expressed their stories of faith, patriotic poetry, and gripping experiences with such generosity it has humbled this author's heart. I am simply amazed at how these stories have all intertwined and fit together like a glove. 

Secure the Fort encompasses all branches of the military between WWII and current day efforts. Letters from war bring the heart of our soldiers to the home front. Historical tidbits and famous quotes provide the reader with additional heart-touching facts about our nation and our military.

In the midst of writing Secure the Fort, our family found approximately 100 letters from WWII. These were written by my two great-uncles to their parents. These letters were stored in a little fabric footstool for 60 years - a stool that has been at my grandparents' farm house all these years, unopened. My sister discovered them one day while cleaning. How appropriate to find them at this time! Portions of these letters are now included in my writings. It was an amazing journey to read these historical artifacts.

Secure the Fort has a timely message for all Americans. We need to remember and embrace our nation's religious heritage and foundation of faith in God. While we don't want State to rule Church, State needs Church. We need to remain under God and in His watch. We need Him at the helm of every vessel, and guarding every border. We need His strength and His hand of protection. Our military families need His peace in the midst of war, and His courage to fight for lasting freedom from oppression and tyranny.

The battle is the Lord's, and we need Him to go before every soldier's steps. We, as a nation, should not ask our troops to step into harm's way without praying with them and for them.

It is my hope and prayer that every American will turn the last page of Secure the Fort feeling a renewal of Christian patriotism. I hope each reader comes away with a deeper respect of sacrifices made on their behalf. I pray each reader develops a stronger desire to serve both God and country in ways that would let all nations know that America still trusts in God.