I'm a Hero Too by Jenny Sokol

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MWSA Review

Great Children's book for those with deployed parents! “I’m a Hero Too” is a lovely little children’s book written for the sons and daughters of our deployed Marines, Army, Navy, and AirForce. Jenny Sokol is the wife of a Marine and mother of two, so she knows the ups and downs of dealing with children during Dad’s deployment.

Sokol’s book is written simply and elegantly in a style that lends itself to being read to small children, or having an older ( 7+ ) child read it to him or herself. Her experience as a mother and writer is demonstrated as she’d done up the book in a picture-book style, which lends itself to easy and interesting reading.

But it’s in the text that Mrs. Sokol’s talent as a writer surfaces. She writes of how children feel as their father’s leave on deployment, and she lets her young readers know that tears are OK. A child’s feeling towards hearing news about “the war” and “terror attack’s” on the television are also discussed, as are problems fitting in at school, as well as growing up when Dad is away fighting. Her text is simple enough that children of all ages will fully understand and appreciate the sentiments and problems that the book addresses, with the important result that the children realize that their private fears are actually shared by many others in their age group.

This is simply a lovely little book that should be given to the family of every one of our deployed warriors. Highly recommended.

Reviewed by: Andrew Lubin (2007)

Author's Synopsis
Children in military families cope with a vast array of emotions when Mom or Dad deploys, especially during our nation's war on terror. In this compassionate story, a young boy learns to cope and thrive while Dad is far away. Subtle suggestions for families enduring separation are weaved throughout this poignant book, and the lovable main character ultimately realizes that he's part of a special and appreciated family. Do you want to support children enduring deployments but don't know any personally? Consider donating books to military units in your area or to the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center (MCAGCC) Chapel in Twentynine Palms, CA. When ordering for donation to MCAGCC, please ship to the following address: Mrs. Sandra Griesmeyer, Attn: A Co RMD, P.O. Box 788200, Twentynine Palms, CA 92278