The Veteran's Survival Guide by John D. Roche

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Click on cover image to purchase a copy

MWSA Review

BEST DAMN BOOK ON VA CLAIMS EVER WRITTEN! When I got my hands on  The Veteran’s Survival Guide – How to File and Collect on VA Claims  I realized at once, that this was “the gold standard” of this genre. This is truly the best and most helpful book on the subject that I have come across in my 3 decades of helping veterans. There are none better! AuthorJohn D. Roche has taken all his personal experience of having worked for the VA and for veterans in Florida and put it into readable simple and easy to follow language.

Not only does he tell you what to do, but he also gives you insights on how the VA operates and makes decisions on claims. If you have a claim to file or have one being processed right now – then you should run down and buy this book. I sincerely mean that. You cannot afford not to have a copy of this book that you can reference back to for information.

I most highly recommend this book for every veteran. Sometime in your life you or your family may need this information. 

Reviewed by: Bill McDonald (2006)

Author's Synopsis

"Claim denied!" All too often millions of veterans have received this response to their legitimate claims for federal benefits. In most cases, writes veterans' advocate John D. Roche, the claimant didn't understand the procedures needed to meet the myriad requirements of the Department of Veterans Affairs. With the appeals process requiring years to resolve disputes, deserving veterans and their dependents are left confused and frustrated by the agency and a system that was created to serve them. The answer is to submit a well-grounded claim initially, which The Veteran's Survival Guide, now in a revised, second edition, analyzes in detail. This unique book, written in an accessible self-help style, will be required reading for any veteran or veteran's dependent who wishes to obtain his or her well-earned benefits and for those officials of veterans' service organizations who assist veterans with their claims.