The Gulf War Chronicles by Richard S. Lowry

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MWSA Review

The only book you will Ever need to learn about The First War with Iraq! Richard Lowry writes the ultimate and most accurate and complete history of Operation Desert Storm in his superlative book  The Gulf War Chronicles – a military history of the first war with Iraq.   His book is “the gold standard” for history books written about this war. There are none better or more compelling.

This is not a dry history of whom and what – but great story telling. It has details that not even those who watched the war glued to their TV sets knew about or even heard of. This book should be a part of college and high school history classes and certainly needs to be read at our military academies – which I would assume they do. This book is a classic already. It has captured all the pertinent and significant information from that war experience. Everything you would want to know about that war is there.

I have read several dozen books on Desert Storm over the last decade and a few volumes right after the war ended. I thought I knew all about the war and what happened. Lowry has years of productive research and he makes good use of it to paint the reader a very visual mental picture of what happened and when. His writing style is alive with energy as he takes the reader from the opening moments in the war and orchestrates a chronicle of events and people. He adds detailed touches to the operations as if he were an eyewitness to events that he is sharing with the readers.

Lowry is a gifted writer who knows how to tell a story and make it entertaining, exciting and educational as well. This is a must read book for all military and history buffs.

Reviewed by: Bill McDonald (2006)

Author's Synopsis

Extensively researched, painstakingly documented, and dedicated to the courageous men and women who fought and served in the First War with Iraq, this is a factual military history of Operation Desert Storm-and the only readable and thorough chronicle of the entire war.From the first night of battle to Day Two, when Saddam struck back, to G Day and the eventual cease-fire, accomplished military historian Richard S. Lowry delivers a detailed, day-by-day account of each battle and every military encounter leading up to the liberation of Kuwait.Desert Storm was a war of many firsts: America's first four-dimensional war; the first time in military history that a submerged submarine attacked a land target; the Marine Corps' first combat air strikes from an amphibious assault ship; the first time in the history of warfare that a soldier surrendered to a robot; and more. And it was an overwhelming victory for the United States and its allies.Intentionally presented without political commentary and ending with a complete listing of the heroic Americans killed in Desert Storm as well as a battle timeline, glossary, bibliography, and resources, The Gulf War Chronicles provides a much-needed understanding of the nature of modern-day, high-tech warfare and honors America's collective resolve and commitment to freedom.