Space Egg by Brian Wizard

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MWSA Review

A New Look at the Universe that is Entertaining, Spiritual and Intelligent.  I have read about a dozen books by Vietnam veteran author Brian Wizard and have enjoyed all of them for many different reasons; but his newest fantasy / Sci-fi book called Space Egg is really his best creative writing to date. I say to date, because he is already at work on a sequel to this fascinating and mind expanding novel. The opening author’s notes start the reader off with a whole new thought process about divine energy and God and creation. It is enough to hook you right there – then the book gets even more interesting.

The story takes place in Australia where Brian used to live and transports us to northern California and Reno, Nevada – other old vintages of the author’s personal life. I mention that because he has a feel for these places that he captures in mood of the story and through the actions of the characters. This book’s plot will not go logically to where you think the author is drawing the reader to. The twists and turns and events unfold much to your enjoyable surprise.

Wizard has an uncanny ability to make anything sound exciting through his prose and careful use of dialog. He skillfully paints his story with his words but it is his plot idea that makes this book worth reading. The ideas he throws out in the story are really mind bending and expanding. This book can be favorably compared to the works of any of the world’s best fantasy writers. The only difference between the NY Times best selling Sci-fi and fantasy books and this one is that “Space Egg” lacks marketing and so it remains an undiscovered classic.

I read this book until the wee hours of the morning to finish it. I was totally absorbed into the story and really wanted to know what happened. This book will please readers who like fantasy and Sci-Fi books but also to those who love a little intellectual stimulus with their entertainment. This is a great read. 

Reviewed by: Bill McDonald (2006)

Author's Synopsis

If change is as good as a rest, and you're not tired, do you really want a change?

This is the question Ayre Light, pilot, poet and finder of the alien space debris he and his best mate, Billy, dub the Space Egg are forced to ask. Curious as to the makeup of the strange material, Ayre takes a long, strange journey down a path that leads him to discover the half-twist of a Mobius strip, perpetual motion, alien Gathers of such material, and has a short metaphysical visit with Ima Gawd, the Toymaker and creator of Divine Energy. Yet, this truly is a love story.
Space Egg, A Half-Twist of Fate, is Brian Wizard's first Science Fiction story.

This ebook is the original Space Egg story before its two sequels.