The Wallace Dream by Marc CB Maxwell

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MWSA Review

A Book for Children That Is Unlike Any Other. There have been only a few children books that have managed to break new ground with a unique and unusual tales to tell like, “Willie Wonka’s Chocolate Factory” or “Alice in Wonderland.”  Now, author Marc CB Maxwell offers young readers a potential new children’s classic with his book“The Wallace Dream – The Adventures of the Baby Seekers.”  It is certainly different, creative and very entertaining.

What began simply as a story to explain what a family is all about to their future adopted daughter from China, ended up becoming a creative fantasy that has universal appeal to other young readers; although many adults might enjoy reading this to their own children.

This imaginative adventure story also serves to deliver some basic family values along with some great entertainment. Maxwell does well to keep the energy flowing throughout his story and young readers will have no trouble following the action.

This book is a great escape from the harsh realities of the world. Children will benefit from this mythical like modern fairytale about becoming a family. This a good book for parents to use for bedtime reading or for older children to read on their own.

Reviewed by: Bill McDonald (2006)

Author's Synopsis

The Wallace Dream - The Adventures of The Baby Seekers is a story about a husband and wife, Sam and Finley Wallace, who decide to make their family whole. Upon realizing that a baby is what they need, the couple sets off on a journey of fantastic adventures that will take them around the world.

The Wallace Dream is for children and parents alike. It is a fantasy fairytale about becoming a family.

The Wallace Dream is a modern version of the stork by mixing myths and familiar stories in an exciting new way.

So join Sam, Finley, their Saint Bernard dog Kitty, Hans Dieter the tour guide, and an assortment of other characters as they look for the ultimate treasure. A Family.