From Nam with Love by Lloyd A. King

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MWSA Review

Vietnam War Poetry That Captures the Heart and Mind. Emotional and spiritual and hard hitting poetry from the combat experiences of Lloyd King. In his well written book of prose,  From ‘Nam With Love – An Infantry Soldier’s Vietnam  the reader is transformed along with the poet as he lives each day in the Nam. The poems are chronologically composed so that the emotional and spiritual energy grows and changes as the poet’s “tour of duty” proceeds though the year. He labels the poems with dates that they represent; and occasionally ends some with a short footnote as to who was killed or if he was awarded some medal.

I have read thousands of Vietnam War poems over the last decade and there is for the most part a certain sameness to them. However, King takes us on new pathways with his thoughts and observations and covers some themes that I have not read else where. One of my favorite poems in his book illustrates this point clearly by going in a more divine and mystical direction. The poem is called “The Vision” and it deals with a strange event that happens to him on Hill 903.

There is much compassion in King's poems as observed in several of his works of prose, such as the experiencing of his first combat kill. It shows a softer and more human side to this warrior; one that shows he is not some emotionless crazed killing machine as is portrayed in so many books and movies.

Lloyd’s personal thoughts and outlook on life are reflected throughout his book’s prose and also in his wonderful illustrations. This is one of the better books of war poetry written from the Vietnam War. It is this poet's journey of the heart and soul of that war experience and many others will be able to identify with him.

I personally give this book my endorsement and highly recommend it to others.

Reviewed by: Bill McDonald (2006)

Author's Synopsis

A book of poetry about the author's experiences in Vietnam. Through poetry and illustrations, King tells the story of the combat soldier. He takes us from day one to day 365 captivating us with all the emotion and heartbreak of war. Both insightful and inspirational, Lloyd strikes a chord in the human heart.