Basic Training Guidebook by Michael C. Volkin

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MWSA Review

Where Was This Book in 1965? I always felt that my basic training experience back in 1965 would have been much better had I known something about what I was going to endure. Now, modern day military recruits have at their finger tips, “The Ultimate Basic Training Guidebook” for surviving “boot camp;” and this is no exaggeration! Author, Sgt. Michael Volkin, has done a very creditable job of capturing all the needed information to survive basic training.

He gives you insights on how and why things happen, and what you can do ahead of time to prepare yourself for that experience. I guarantee that if you follow his advice, as outlined in his book, that basic training will be much easier physically and emotionally for you. The keys from his many words of wisdom are to be prepared and to expect the unexpected.

This book is an absolute must for new basic trainees. It can make all the difference between failing mentally or physically and successfully enduring the training. Good photos illustrate physical exercises that will prepare you for the physical needs of basic. The guidebook also gives a good overview of what you should expect to happen from the time you arrive at your basic training facility and reception to graduation week. It takes you step by step through the whole program of training. More importantly, he gives the recruit some good personal advice on how to keep a low profile and stay out of trouble with your “Drill Instructors.”

For those of us “old school” veterans from Nam or before – it is interesting to note that your DI can no longer physically hit you and kick you or punch you. Gone are the good old days of brutal and unrestrained training; but it still doesn’t mean that it is any easier to complete. There are those physical elements of running and push-ups and sit-ups that will always continue to challenge new recruits.

Sgt. Volkin has broken his book into logical chapters that are both easy to read and understand. If you are going into the military you will find this book even more helpful if you get your hands on a copy and read it prior to reporting. It will give you an edge over others. Your confidence will also be enhanced because you will actually be ahead of the game and will know more than the average recruit.

I enjoyed reading the book and I am not going back to basic training any time soon! 

Reviewed by: Bill McDonald (2006)

Author's Synopsis

As anyone who has undergone the transition from civilian to soldier will tell you, basic training is a lot tougher and more challenging than any recruit can imagine. Michael Volkin discovered that fact soon after 9-11, when his personal vow to serve my country convinced him to enlist in the U.S. Army.

As Volkin quickly discovered, he was utterly unprepared for the new world of the military, "a completely different environment full of unknown exercises and acronyms, where can't eat or talk without permission. Volkin began taking notes on everything and anything with the hope that no one else would have to go through basic training like I did completely unarmed with knowledge that would have eased my transition into the military and allowed me to be more successful.

During Operation Enduring/Iraqi Freedom, Volkin organized his notes, interviewed hundreds of other soldiers, and began to write. The result is The Ultimate Basic Training Guidebook, a unique and utterly indispensable guide to successfully coping with and thriving in today's military.

The Ultimate Basic Training Guidebook is a comprehensive, practical, and easy-to-follow survival guide written specifically for every new or prospective recruit about to enter any branch of the armed forces. Volkin's book offers step-by-step instructions and solutions, including helpful charts and graphics, for how to prepare both physically and mentally for boot camp. It includes a special eight-week fitness program specifically designed to improve your fitness test scores, specific study guides, an instructional How to"chapter, a list of what to bring (and not to bring) to basic training, tips for success, and much more.

The Ultimate Basic Training Guidebook was written by a soldier for men and women who want to become soldiers. No one should enter boot camp without having read this book.