The Four Little Children: A Likely Story by Larry Michalove

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MWSA Review

While author Larry Michalove was flying missions in Vietnam earning himself two Distinguished Flying Crosses and eight Air Medals, he was thinking about his family. In his letters home he began to write a long series of stories for his children using them as the central characters in the unfolding story. His book is an accumulation of all those stories from his letters back during the Vietnam War. They are rich in imagination and of course, love!

When I was reading the beginning of the book I could not help but think how wonderful for his children to have these stories saved for them in a book form. But in truth, it is also really great and wonderful for all us as well. These precious stories are great bedtime stories to be read to young children. The author’s literary journey took his children far away from the worries of the war and into the world of pirates, mermaids, moon people, and lots of magic.

This is family fun and joy filled reading and should be shared with the young members of your family. I fully recommend this book for all young and young at heart readers!

Reviewed by: Bill McDonald (2005)

Author's Synopsis

Have you ever ridden on a magic carpet or tamed a cage full of savage beasts from the darkest jungles of Africa? Adventurous siblings Lisa, David, Stacy, and Karen Michalove have!

Under the care of a jolly elf, the Michalove children go on fanciful journeys among the stars, under the sea, to the North Pole, and to many other unusual, fascinating places. They encounter talking ants and farm animals, dancing pumpkins, and green cheese-eating Martians. But no matter where they go or who they meet, from the darkest recesses of a cave to the farthest reaches of the moon, Lisa, David, Stacy, and Karen always return to the comforts of home and family.

These treasured stories, originally written to connect a father at war in Vietnam with his four kids back home in America, will inspire children to expand their imaginations while learning important lessons about love, respect, and responsibility. Encouraging a unique closeness between parents and their children, this read-aloud collection will whisk families away on truly fantastic adventures.